PyHC project status, May 2020

We held the fourth, and first completely virtual, PyHC meeting on Wednesday, April 29th. Meeting attendees presented short talks on the recently awarded Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancement (HDEE) grants, as well as a couple other PyHC projects, and we had a “meet and greet” with the new PyHC Developer hire, Tom Baltzer. Following the meeting, Eric Grimes gave a webinar geared towards Python developers who’re creating scientific software. Presentations and notes are available on Google Drive via The next meeting will be held sometime in the fall, and may be completely virtual again, depending on the COVID-19 situation. In addition to the spring 2020 meeting, we held four telecons since last quarter. Topics included planning for the spring 2020 meeting, an overview of the SPASE registry and its application to PyHC, software preservation, as well as some project updates. We plan to hold telecons on an approximately biweekly basis, as schedules allow.