Heliophysics Python project status, October 19, 2018

The contract was signed as of June 19. We publicized the project at TESS, Planetary Science Informatics & Data Analytics, and COSPAR. A kickoff meeting was held at TESS to gauge community interest and establish a direction for the project. Since then, we have held telecons every other week, organized an AGU session, and determined the need for an in-person meeting for the community. This meeting is planned for November 13-15 at LASP. At present we have 17 registered attendees.

A mailing list was established to facilitate communication and send out meeting notices. The mailing list currently has 107 subscribers worldwide. We have also used the heliopython.org website to post information about software packages and upcoming meetings, as well as posting archives from the mailing list.

Plans for the remaining duration of the project (through June 2019) include: