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NASA HDEE announcement of opportunity published.

The NASA Heliophysics Data Environment Emphasis (HDEE) solicitation has been released and can provide funding for developing Python packages for heliophysics. The solicitation is available here. The due date for the step-1 proposal is April 18th which consists of a title, a team, as well as a short description of the project.

Community Standards v1.0 has been published.

The first official release of the Python in Heliophysics Community (PyHC) Standards has been published. It is stored in the following github repository and is published through Zenodo.


Example gallery added.

A tutorial and example gallery has been added to the website. It can be found at

Meeting report published.

The report on the first Python in Heliophysics Community Meeting has been published and is available here.

Website published.

This is the first official release of the community website.